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all about itamiya ryosuke

Born in Osaka, Japan.

performing at several venues in Osaka.

Entered into the Faculty of
Visual Design, Takarazuka Art University.
After traveling to New York City,
he returned to Japan and began to c reate various art work, computer graphics, and moving images.
Itamiya's new band, "Fried Egg Jam" began performing with new ima ges of "Asian Feeling".

As Artistic Director,
Music producer and Organizer, Itamiya began to produce and perform his show, "Fried Egg Jam : Visual + Sound = Space1996".
Released the compilation album "Brass Night Masters".

Worked with the Japanese traditional drums group, "Osaka Da Da Da Daan" and incorporated his original visual images into the "Fried Egg Jam : Visual + Sound = Space1997" performances.

Released his first album with "Fried Egg Jam".
Played in the supporting band for world famous artists Chuck Brown and P Funk.
Received awards in several band contests.
Screened his self produced movie "Adachigahara" at Nougakudou in Nara, Japan.
Performed the "Itamiya Ryousuke, Modern Music Concert" at Nougakudou in South Osaka, Japan.

Graduated with a Masters in Visual Arts at Takarazuka Art University.
Performed "Fried Egg Jam : Visual + Sound = Space1998".
Left the Fried Egg Jam band to concentrate his efforts as a solo artist.

After meeting Chinese Producer Mr. Liu, launched the new project,
"Itamiya Ryousuke, Black Dragon Elechestra".
Launched the very successful "Itamiya Ryousuke Black Dragon Elechestra, China Tour 1999", selling 40,000 tickets.
Groundbreaking for foreign artist playing around China.

Invited to the "China World Music Festival" in Kungming, China.
Great accomplishment with his tour of China, became recognized as pioneer, being the first foreign musician with a successful tour in China.
Launched his series in the Chinese magazine "Jungle Life".

Invited to a Chinese TV program as the first Japanese guest.
Launched his promotional act in Beijing and Tianjin, China.
Moved from Osaka to Beijing and launched music act in China.

Appeared in Yomiuri Shimbun (Japanese major news paper),
and also featured in media such as magazines, TV and radio in China,
Hong Kong and Japan.
Formed ITAMIYA RYOSUKE CHINA BAND with Chinese talented musicians.
Played his 300th anniversary LIVE at Shanghai ARK for 3 days,
and continued to play gigs energetically in other cities like Shanghai, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Appeared on the New Year's Eve special program of the Shanghai Dragon TV with a well-known Hong Kong star, Andy Lau.
This show was broadcasted in the world and 4 hundred million people watched it.

Returned to Osaka to play his triumphal coming home LIVE.
Played at Subway stations in Manhattan and APOLO Theater, NY.
Started recording his first solo album and played gigs for his promotional act in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Osaka and New York.
" Hello Mr. Asian" hit the singles Chart no. 7 on Honk Kong's popular radio program.

Invited to the HongKong's one of the biggest LIVE event "ROCK ON 2005" and also appeared on several Hong Kong's popular music TV programs.
Produced and performed the biggest show as a solo artist, "Hello Mr. Asian Japan tour 2005" in Osaka and Tokyo. With a great success of the show, he launched to produce the Hong Kong's new pop star, Vincent Wong.

Now he is going and coming back to Japan and China.
His music act goes on.

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